WP Bounce WordPress Plugin : Monetize Your Bounce Traffic

wp Bounce wordpress plugin review monetize bounce trafficWhat if you can monetize your bounce traffic on your Blog? I am sure you would like that. WP Bounce is a WordPress plugin designed to make money with your bounced traffic by monetizing with amazon affiliate product links. If you would like to increase your Commission earnings from your Blog, WP Bounce plugin could help you. Watch the video below to see how this plugin works.

Impressed? I am sure you are. So, what are you waiting for? Check the website for more information on this plugin now!

Excerpts from the WP Bounce website
WP Bounce generates keywords based on post/product content. They are used to pull relevant products from amazon.com.

Customize look and feel of your pop ups. 2 Amazon and 3 custom HTML templates are available. Split test them to increase conversions.

Analyse pops, clicks and CTR for messages, products, posts and templates. Split test messages and templates to increase conversions.

WP Bounce picks up SERP keywords and uses them to pull relevant products from amazon.com. Huge CTRs!

WP Bounce doesn’t trap visitor’s window. It doesn’t interfere with the ‘back’ button. It uses lightbox overlay window so it’s SEO safe.

WP Bounce can pull products from amazon.com, .co.uk, .ca, .de, .fr, .jp, .es., .ch, .it amazon sites based on visitor’s ip.

At the beginning of 2012 two of my highest earning sites got hit by google algorythm changes. My Amazon earnings started to go south and I was desperately looking for ways to recover my income stream. After searching a lot here on warrior forum and other forums I quickly made some changes to my sites and waited to see results.

I was still getting some traffic just not as much as before. I knew I should start optimizing conversions of existing visitors. I started to look for ways to increase my click through rate. First thing that came up was to try some exit pop scripts. I tried a few plugins. While some of them only allowed for email opt-ins others allowed amazon products but you had to enter them manually. It was taking forever to manually find and enter each product for every page on my site. I was tired of this BS and since I had all the skills needed I decided to build my own plugin that would pull amazon products automatically…

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