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video download pro review downloader converterVideo Download Pro is the best YouTube Video Downloader and Converter available on the internet. With Video Download Pro one can download multiple videos to be watched or stored offline for future viewing with one click of the mouse. You can also use these videos downloaded to reproduce videos to broadcast yourself. The Video Download Pro  YouTube Downloader and  Converter from Peter Yang allows one to batch download and convert dozens of YouTube Videos To Your PC, Mac, iPod, Sony Psp, Mobile Phone or MP3 Player at a time. Check the site for more information.

Excerpts from the Site

“How To Fast & Easily Get Lots Of YouTube Videos To The Computer, Mobile Phone, iPad, iPod, Zune, Sony PSP Or MP3 Player… In Only One Click!”

I have a small secret that I’ve been using for quite some time now, and I felt that it’s time to reveal this new YouTube tool to you.

My name is Peter Yang, I’m not a professional writer, but what I have to share with you is so powerful and extraordinary that I decided to write you about it myself, so bear with me a few minutes. It will be worth your time. I promise you.

One day my wife, Joanna had to make a PPT presentation. She inserted some YouTube videos URL to her presentation. But she thought it was ugly and came to me and asked, “How do I download YouTube videos to my computer and insert them to PPT files?”

At first, I thought it would be easy. But when I tried, I was stunned. You can watch YouTube videos as much as you want, but there is no “Download” link. They just want you to watch videos online. You can’t download any videos!

But then I found these software let you download only one YouTube video at a time. That’s terribly time-consuming, and people want to watch videos, not spend lots of time downloading them.

There was one more annoying problem too. The downloaded videos were in “Flash Video Format” (FLV), and they couldn’t be used on PowerPoint software.

Now you’re probably thinking about what I was thinking then. Yes, you’re right. I decided to design a download tool myself, and I succeeded. I programmed my own YouTube batch downloader and converter.

This software really works. And I named it “Video Download Pro” because I know it will be…

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