7 Reasons why you should use Video Marketing for your Business

video marketing benefits advantages reasons to useMore and more people are now getting into Video Marketing now because of its numerous benefits. Given are some reasons why  you should start using Videos to promote your Business.

  1. People love Videos : It is noticed that most people prefer to watch a video than read an article. So it is easy to capture the attention of the viewers with video than written content.
  2. Search Engines loves Videos : Video Marketing can help you get quality traffic to your pages. It is easier to rank and get search engine traffic from videos than written content.  YouTube alone has more than 4 billion views per day making it the second-largest search engine right after Google.
  3. Video’s can go viral easily :  Videos are more likely to go viral than written content. When people find interesting videos they normally share them on social networking sites. Their friends and followers also may share them making the video go viral. It is said that more than 500 years worth of YouTube videos are watched daily on Facebook and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute.
  4. Videos can help reach mobile customers : Videos account for more than 50% of the mobile traffic.
  5. Video can help convey information more clearly : If you are posting DIY stuff or Tutorials, it is easy to convey the message to the viewer with video than written text. In other words, it is the best way to present your products, service and explain how they work.
  6. Video’s are cost effective and lasts for long :  Videos you create can last for long and get you more exposure with time. One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is that is helps you in reaching out to millions of viewers without spending too much money. You can even outsource video making for as less as $5.
  7. Video’s can give you an advantage over your Competitors :  Videos can help you with Business Branding and can help you gain the edge over your competitors.

A product like Easy Video Suite can help you make high quality videos for your Business. However, if you are low on Budget, you can consider any of the Products given below to create videos for your Business or service. Check them out!

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