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keyword scout keyword research tool review featuresKeyword Scout is a Keyword Research Software tool that enables the user to find hundreds of long-tail and highly searched keywords easy and fast. The user can then use this tool to check for exact match domains and analyze the competition. This Keyword Research tool is much faster than Market Samurai and Traffic Travis. Check out the site for detailed screen shots of what Keyword Scout can do to profit from keywords data.

How to use Keyword Scout?

Excerpt from the site

We cannot make days longer, but we can shorten the duration of everyday tasks. This tool will end up saving you money in the long run. Professional keyword research freelancers can charge you several hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of work. We have put all the important manual tasks that keyword researches do into 1 tool. Introducing Keyword Scout!

Scrape keywords in a niche of your choice or generate random product keywords with the click of a button. Removing brands is as simple as checking a box, and add brand names to your private database is as easy as click the “Brands” button and adding it to the list.

To narrow down the keywords you want, all you must do is fill out the text boxes. Keyword Scout also has presets to save you even more time. Just click the “Micro Niche” button to fill out all 6 text boxes with info. You can edit all of these presets in the settings, to fit your personal preferences. After setting the creteria, just choose what type of search counts you would like to use and click Scrape Keywords to add keywords to the table.

As we all know, exact match domains are found to be very helpful while ranking our sites in the search engines. To find exact match domains, just choose which domain extension you want to check and allow Keyword Scout to check every selected keyword to see if its available. You can also analyze SEO competition. Keyword Scout is capable of scraping data in an excellent duration of time, however it does depend a lot on your internet connection and computer specs.

After choosing which domain extensions you want to look at, you…

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