Half Cent Clicks – How to get profitable dirt-cheap traffic

If you want to make money on the Internet, you already know you need a solid way to get traffic to your Web sites, affiliate offers, blogs, and squeeze pages. I don’t need to tell you that.

But if you’ve been online for any time at all, you’ve probably realized getting traffic isn’t easy or cheap… until now…

A while back, I was at one of those fancy-dancy affiliate guru marketing parties in a hip Vegas hotel suite, having a beer at about Midnight. I was sitting next to a kid who turned out to be 25, but didn’t look a day over 17.

We got to talking about paid traffic sources, and I was telling him about some of the stuff we were doing with banners. Then, out of the blue, he mentioned he was using a specific network to crush it with listbuilding and CPA offers. When I heard the name of the network, I laughed and said, “Son, that’s just junk-traffic, you can’t make any money with that.”

Have you ever tested them, I mean, run a bunch of different campaigns so you know what works?” he asked, looking kind of offended. “No, not really,” I admitted.

Then, like a scene in a movie, we both slowly looked down at his Breitling Bently gold watch, which I remembered cost just about $50,000. “Wait,” I asked, “What was the name of that network again?” But he knew he had already said too much, and walked away.

That simple conversation led me on a personal quest to test every low-end traffic source I could find, with a variety of offers and sales funnels, and see what the strange world of super-cheap clicks was all about.

You might be shocked to learn you can get…

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