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FBinfluence facebook marketing training course reviewFBinfluence 2.0 is a Facebook Training series from Facebook Marketing Expert Amy Porterfield. This Training teaches How Use Facebook to Influence People and tap into Facebook as a source of traffic, leads  and customers. FB Influence is a complete roadmap for creating and leveraging Facebook to drive traffic and build your Brand. Given below are some of the things covered in this Facebook Marketing Course:

  • How to get automated leads and Sales 24/7
  • How to get highly-targeted prospects who want to do business with you
  • How to get testimonials on autopilot
  • How to be instantly recognized as the most sought out leader in your industry
  • How to get over common barriers when marketing with Facebook
  • Strategy for growing your fan base
  • Creating engagement by building a relationship with fans and friends on Facebook
  • How to create a vibrant community of raving fans who happily spread the word about you, your products and services
  • How to run  profitable Facebook ad campaigns
  • Building an online store for a Facebook page
  • How to turn your Facebook fans into action-taking prospects who are eager to buy what you are selling and more…

With over 800 million users, Facebook cannot be ignored as a source of leads and sales. However, Facebook Marketing is not an easy job to do. It involves having a good understanding of the platform and implementing the right strategies. If you are someone who is considering Facebook as a marketing platform or want to your Facebook marketing to the next level,  this course can help you.  So, check out this Facebook marketing course now!

FB Influence Facebook Training Course

Excerpts from the FBinfluence Website

After perfecting social media with success guru Tony Robbins and dozens of other high profile clients, Amy Porterfield reveals below exactly how…

Using Just These Few Simple Strategies, You Can Literally EXPLODE Facebook to Create Traffic, Leads and Profits

“When I decided to launch Social Media Examiner’s Facebook page I turned to Amy Porterfield. Not only did Amy help me build a super attractive Facebook page, she also took an active role in the day-to-day management of our page. In less than 10 months we grew an active fan base of more than 16,000 people using Amy’s techniques. I strongly recommend her.”

As the internet and Social Media evolve one thing is clear – Facebook is king. Fast approaching 1,000,000,000 members (yes that’s ONE BILLION), Facebook is the site where everyone is spending time online!

“Every successful business depends on people – Facebook is where they are spending their time online. Either you will use Facebook and succeed or you will not embrace Facebook and fail.“ – Sean Malarkey

Have you put off using Facebook to generate more business? Has a fear of not knowing where to start kept you from moving forward?

The great news is that there is a huge source of leads right at your fingertips. The bad news is that most people are doing it all wrong and not capitalizing on its massive potential. It’s time you start leveraging the most powerful social media platform.

You already know to survive in business you must build a huge list of ravenous prospects. Amy is going to show you how to make list building A-B-C easy for you. You will generate mind-blowing leads. Click here now to get all the details.

This plain English, information packed training gives

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