Contest Burner Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin Review

contest burner reviewContest Burner is a Viral Marketing tool for WordPress sites. This Online Contest Software Plugin helps site owners to manage contests from the WordPress Dashboard. This Plugin developed by Bill McIntosh can help generate viral traffic, build a large responsive mailing list and generate backlinks.  This easy to use plugin allows anyone the abilities to start, run and manage their own contest. Some of the notable features of the Contest Burner WordPress Plugin are

  • Easy to install and implement
  • Can create unlimited contests.
  • Integration of top Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Social Viral Buzz and traffic through social sharing by visitors
  • More Backlinks for traffic and search engine rankings
  • Email Marketing Integration for getting more subscribers

Check out the Contest Burner Website to see how the plugin works.

Excerpt from the Site

“We weren’t expecting anything like this to happen. Over 51,000 pages were indexed on Google just from the contest. A bunch of press releases which was nuts and bunch more sales which is obviously the best part. And it was a lot of fun!

“…Your contest blew me away and it’s definitely turned Mobile Monopoly into a viral thing which we weren’t planning on having after the launch…”

“Thank you so much for making Contest Burner and making it as cool as you did. Without Contest Burner, I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today and there’s no way I could be in Costa Rica right now.

“…And there’s no way that I would ever launch another site without Contest Burner by my side because it is the easiest source of free traffic for me. It just grows virally, it’s the easiest!”

“I recently launched a book launch and used Bill Mcintosh’s Contest Burner software to really launch my book in a whole new way and I’m very excited about it. It went so fantastically!

“I came across Bill’s software and was just instantly excited about it! So I got the product, installed it within minutes, configured it and had it up and running in a very very short period of time. I used it to launch this contest in conjunction with my product launch. It brought in thousands of people who never had heard of my book.”

“By using this software, I was able to generate over 200 extra leads just by using this piece of viral software. And it didn’t take me any more effort or any time to do it. I just installed this little script onto my blog and I’ve got 200 extra leads in a very short space of


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