Building a Successful and Profitable Blog

Or maybe you have a blog… but it’s not earning much money, and you’re beginning to fear that the hours you’ve devoted to it have been wasted?

For someone with a family, blogging seems like the ideal work-from-home solution. You get to spend more time with your kids, save money on childcare, and still be available for field trips and soccer games — all while earning a decent income. What’s not to love?

But until you’ve done it, blogging can seem like a really iffy strategy. Posting regular content takes a lot of time and dedication. Plus, you run the risk of putting in a lot of time and effort without seeing any payoff — and what if your blog never makes enough money to be worthwhile?

You’ve probably gotten a ton of advice. Everyone has an opinion about what makes for a successful blog, and too often those opinions disagree. Even the “easy” things—like choosing a niche or building a WordPress site—can be really hard until you’ve learned how to do them.

How great would it be to have one reliable source of information — a guide you could trust to teach you the foundations of the blogging business and walk you through the process of building a successful, profitable blog? The Profit Blogging Blueprint is that guide.

To hear some people tell it, blogging is the key to riches. Post regular content, sit back, and watch the money roll in.

That fact is that most people don’t make money from their blogs. Actually, almost no one makes money from blogging. And of those who do, most make a few dollars a month.

Successful bloggers know the truth – blogging is a business. And it obeys the same rules as regular businesses – you must be able to reach a…

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